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Partnering with God for Life Success

“You and God, the Dream Team”

This program is designed to deepen your relationship with Christ. This program will assist your journey through instructions in daily practices for intimacy that will help you get seated at the heart of God. 

Spiritual Growth Program

“Your Greatest Investment is in an Authentic Relationship with God.”

The Spiritual Growth Program is designed to help you develop an intimate relationship with Christ. It provides initial steps to pursuing relationship from the heart.


Intimacy with Christ is the foundation for a good life, healthy marriage and fulfilling relationships.

Dr. Sharon Mancha

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Charisma Podcast Network

The Power of Intimacy with Christ is about how to form intimacy with Christ that empowers your understanding, relationships, and life calling. Get the knowledge and resources for becoming your best self in God. Dr. Mancha shares insight for pursuing God and how to respond to God. Join Sharon as she shares biblical strategies and wisdom from her 38 years of experience in ministry and partnership with God.

Ep17: Hold On To God

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Ep16: The Secret Place

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Ep18: Who Am I Really in the Eyes of Love

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