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Discover the Empowered Life Through Intimacy with Christ!

Dr. Sharon Mancha

Pastor, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Spiritual Growth Speaker.

Equipped with more than 20 years of ministerial experience, broadcasting and sharing wisdom for developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with God. She is an intimacy with God guru. Lady Mancha is dedicated to seeing others find a real intimate relationship with God that empowers their whole life for living, thriving and becoming.

Intimacy with Christ empowers the whole life for successful living.

It is this passion for people to experience the happiness that
God intended that has helped others find a path to destiny
through an intimate relationship with God.

Dr. Sharon loves to see others find a deepened relationship with God that opens a world of joy and spiritual discovery that leads to spiritual maturity.

A Message from Dr. Sharon Mancha

Dr. Mancha shares the value of relationship with God to help others gain a deeper connection to God.

She speaks to overcoming life's challenges and reaching forward into God's purpose. Intimacy with Christ empowers the whole life for successful living. She teaches the truth of the Word of God and embraces the power of relationship with God for empowered living.

Psalms 91

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