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“Surviving the Loss of a Spouse Pt. 1”

Dr. Sharon Mancha


The Power of Intimacy with Christ | “Surviving the Loss of a Spouse.”  Surviving the loss of a part of your flesh such as a spouse “the twain shall become one flesh” Mark 10:8. The interconnectedness of a husband and wife is God’s work of unity, strength, and healthiness. In this episode, I share and discuss how I am surviving losing my other half and how the power of intimacy with Christ carried me through it and is stabilizing my oneness for his glory. Surviving and overcoming the grief of the loss is intentional and demands of us a mindset to be made whole and to become one again through the work of the Holy Spirit. You will take away from this episode what it takes to hone into your relationship with God and your desire to live forward to become whole, healthy spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

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Surviving the Loss of a Spouse
Podcast Episode 74 -76

Choosing to move forward is difficult but only happens when we are intentional. When God is at the core of our faith we can discover His strength to move on into wholeness. 

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