Walking in the Spirit

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Walking in the Spirit is possible and becomes real as we make intimacy find God. It is a part of the spiritual privilege opened to those who dare to want to know and walk with God according to his prescription and not our own. It is a place and lifestyle of rich engagement with and in the Spirit of God for life and ministry. In this place is joy and happiness fully discovered.

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The Power of Intimacy with Christ: Overcoming the Obstacles That Hinder Intimacy

"The Power of Intimacy with Christ" is a book full of spiritual resources for growing your relationship with God. It provide tools and resources for overcoming the obstacles that hinder building intimacy with Christ.

In today's society there are many things that demand our time and distract us from developing and maintaining our most important relationship, relationship with God.

This book is rich with practical biblical principles and devotions for enhancing intimacy with the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. You will experience the Spirit of God as you turn the pages of this Spirit-filled book.

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Trial Trauma: Healthy Spirituality for Empowered Living

Trial Trauma is a book that centers hope in coming to understand the root of all heart hurt and stagnation of the self can be resolved through practical steps that lead to relationship with God, who is able to give strength for overcoming the trauma drama of disappointment in life. It is a book that provides simple practical principles and steps for your life success.

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