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About Pastor Mancha


Dr. Mancha has a rich background in speaking to overcoming life's challenges and reaching forward into God's purpose. She is passionate about empowering her audience with tools for victorious living and for becoming more than we may believe possible.  


Prophetess Mancha is a former radio broadcaster and television host. She speaks to dream launching. As a life coach and motivational speaker, she draws women and men to hear her share how to overcome and regain composure for the next phase of life.

Her spiritual conversion, intimate relationship with God, as well as her own personal story is at the root of her wisdom and experience in speaking into people hope after difficult times.

She is is a Christian speaker, author and educator. Her book release "The Power of Intimacy with Christ" provides wisdom and guidance for discovering and maintaining passage to the heart of God while gathering wisdom for living a power-filled life. Her second book release “Trial Trauma” offer practical approaches to healing and restoration after experiencing life-changing trials. 


Dr. Mancha is a seasoned co-pastor of 20 years and a current business owner. Her business experience includes entrepreneurship, leadership development, early childhood education program design management, operational systems consultant, as well as religious organization, start-up, and operations management.  



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