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Dr. Mancha shares the value of relationship with God to help others gain a deeper connection to God. She  speaks to overcoming life's challenges and reaching forward into God's purpose. Intimacy with Christ empowers the whole life for successful living. She teaches the truth of the Word of God and embraces the power of relationship with God for empowered living. Psalms 91


It is this passionate for people to experience the happiness that God intended that has helped others find path to the destiny through intimate relationship with God.  Dr. Mancha has helped many men and women gain skills for developing and maintaining a fruitful life and ministry.  


Prophetess Mancha has given her life to assisting others discover the barriers that hinder intimacy. Her years of co-pastoring with her husband and serving as a life-coach has helped many to fuel their purpose and calling for life satisfaction.


As a former radio broadcaster and television host, Dr. Mancha has shared tools for empowered living, breakthrough strategies, and the benefits of intentional living.  

Her spiritual conversion, intimate relationship with God, as well as her own personal story is at the root of her wisdom and experience in speaking into people hope through difficult times.

She is co-pastor with her husband and works at the local church serving the community.  Prophetess Mancha is a sought after speaker, author and educator. Her book, "The Power of Intimacy with Christ" is full of wisdom and guidance for discovering and maintaining passage to the heart of God. The new book release “Trial Trauma” offer practical approaches to healing and restoration after traumatic experiences that can sift your faith.  

A wife of 38 years to an awesome man of God and loving mother of 5 adult children and is a grandmother.

Dr. Mancha is a seasoned co-pastor of 20 years and a current business owner. Her business experience includes entrepreneurship, leadership development, early childhood education program design management, operational systems consulting in both religious and secular organization.  



Life, marriage and family is a gift from God. It is to be cherished and respected!

My darling of 38 years graces my ministry.


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