Partnering With God
for Life Success

“You and God, the Dream Team”

Partnership puzzle image.png

Partnering with God for Life Success program is designed to help you develop the routine and discipline for discerning God’s activity in your life for achieving an authentic God empowered life resulting in fulfilling your purpose.



Partnering with God for Life Success provides day to day devotions, a handout to stimulate a mindset of reflection on God and you working together toward your ultimate purpose, while you implement practical steps for pursuing and identifying God in your life. It is an intense effort in helping you enhance your pursuit of relationship with God and drawing close to him for hearing and obeying his voice as well as learning to follow his direction in every aspect of your life, family and ministry. The video introduces the need for intimacy with Christ as essential to forming relationship and partnership from the heart.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Cost:  $375.00