Are You Ready to Grow to Your Greatest Potential in God? 

The abundant life that the Bible teaches is available for you is, it really is!!  Jesus died to make it possible for you. you dream about isn’t just a possible.  It’s your God-given right to actualize in God.  It is up to you to live, thrive and become in God. He loves you into purpose, but you have to partner with Him for spiritual growth. 

It is God's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom! Intentionality, consistency, and authenticity is all that hinders you from the life you’re meant to live in Christ. Intentional decisions result in an empowered life. It is all up to you how you live out your inheritance in God. 

You are called to the abundant life, to the live that Jesus died to make possible for you. You have been called to be a bright light in the world illuminating your life with the presence of God and impacting the lives of others.

Spiritual Growth Plan

The spiritual growth package is designed to help you develop a spiritual growth plan for growing into your best self. It is an online Christian discipleship program. You will have access to 6 components of videos with  spiritual growth handouts and worksheets for you to access and work through your current growth-level into the next. It takes intentional effort and a hunger for more of God. This program is biblically-grounded and full of life-experience.

Remember intentional action and steps in pursuit of God will build your spiritual muscles and help your sensitive to God for establishing an intimate relationship with him that will empower your relationship with him.

Spiritual Growth Weekly Topics

Week One:      Assessing Where You Are in God  - Learning about yourself, your commitment and about the biblical principles that help us to connect with God.
Week Two:      Strategizing a Plan for Growth & Devotion - Discerning habits and establishing a seekers heart. 
Week Three:   Power Punching Your Life - Getting down to business with growth 
Week Four:     Digging Deep and Rising High - Doing the hard work of change for getting over the trauma that is causing your drama
Week Five:      Life Journaling for Discerning God Activity -  Are you ready to look deeper?
Week Six:        Discerning the Voice of God  -  Deciding to put God first is a deliberate choice. Forcing a time to "be"

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