Deciding to grow is intentional.

 Growing is a process and requires establishing habits that help you reach your growth goals.

It is up to you to launch into full purpose and to actualize everything God made available for the hungry seeker. 

It is yours for the taking!

Week One: 

Week One:  Assessing where you are in God  - Learning about yourself, your commitment and what hinders you from connecting with God.
Week Two:   Strategizing a plan for Growth & Devotion - Discerning habits and doing the self-work for developing a seekers heart. 
Week Three:   Power Punching Your Life - Getting down to business for growth. 
Week Four:  Digging deep for rising high - Are you ready to face the issues that are preventing your happiness in God?
Week Five:  Life journaling for discerning God activity in your life. Doing the hard work for change to get over the trauma that is causing your drama.
Week Six:  Discerning the voice of God. Deciding to put God first is significant to finding direction for living the God kind of life.

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