Spiritual Growth

Choosing Intimacy 

Learning God's presence and voice is intentional and absolutely necessary to forming an intimate relationship with God. The wonderful thing intimacy is available for all who desire it. God desires to have relationship with each of us and does love acts to court us in. My passion is to help you to discern them and to respond for authentic relationship!


One:  Assessing where you are in God  Learning about yourself, connecting with God and developing simple devotions for intimacy with God.
Two:   Strategizing a plan for Growth  - Discerning habits and doing the self-work for developing a seekers heart. 
Three:   Seeding Your Life -Getting down to business for growth. 
Four:  Digging deep  - Opening your heart to God for intimate relationship deepens your relationship with him?
Five:  Life journaling for discerning God activity in your life. Recognizing God in your life helps to establish two-way communication between God and you.
Six:  Discerning the voice of God. Deciding to put God first is significant to finding direction for living the God kind of life.

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